phpfspot brings your F-Spot album online. This PHP-based application handles the sqlite3 database of F-Spot and displays it's photos, tags, EXIF informations (JPEG), ... in a browser.


  • publish your F-Spot photo album in the web
  • AJAX-based web-interface
  • Tag-Cloud
  • RSS XML export
  • auto-rotation based on EXIF Orientation header in the photo
  • Slideshow
  • Works well with Firefox, Safari, Epiphany, Opera and IE
  • Support for Nikon's NEF format (via dcraw)

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Manager: unki

Latest news

phpfspot 1.7 released
On this rainy Saturday morning, phpfspot 1.7 with its support for F-Spot's photo versioning has been released.
Added by unki over 5 years ago

phpfspot 1.6 released
Containing some bugfixes and features, phpfspot 1.6 has been released on this hot Wednesday evening.
Added by unki over 6 years ago

New phpfspot project website
project and issue tracking website bundled together
Added by unki over 6 years ago

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