Nephthys provides a web-interface to easily allow file sharing via WebDAV and FTP. The web-interface is designed to be very simple and not overloaded with features so everybody is able to use.

Nephthys is multi-lingual (English, German, Russian, Italian, ...) and can be translated into further languages as well.

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Manager: unki

Latest news

Nephthys 1.7
Focus on jQuery and jQuery UI for JavaScript jobs
Added by unki about 1 year ago

Nephthys 1.6
A new release is available
Added by unki about 2 years ago

update for proftpd.conf example
Disable recursive directory listing
Added by unki about 4 years ago

Nephthys 1.5
On this wunderful christmas day, Nephthys got released with its new 1.5 version.
Added by unki about 6 years ago

1.5 release delayed
Nephthys 1.5 will be released several days later
Added by unki about 6 years ago

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