This website is home of several open source projects I maintain. And some projects I host:

The NetShadow server story

All webserver names base on characters of "Masters of the Universe" - probably more known as "He-man".

  1. skeletor - Apache, SVN-Repository, FTP-Server, ... gofer
  2. orko - MySQL, IMAP, Sendmail ... quiet powerful
  3. stratos - replaced skeletor

Nice and helpful pages:

Helpful git commands:

Create a tag

git tag -s -m "phpfspot 1.4 public release" phpfspot-1.4

Create a release-pack

git archive --format=tar -v --prefix=phpfspot-1.4/ phpfspot-1.4 > phpfspot-1.4.tar

Push a change directly into a remote-branch

git push orko:/var/www/htdocs/ master:refs/heads/cleanup

Add a tracking branch

git remote add contrib http://xxx.net/git/phpfspot/.git/
git fetch contrib
git branch --track contrib contrib/master

svn2git worked best for me with

  1. Put ".hidden" files in all empty directories in the SVN repository - since GIT does not take care about empty directories - and commit them.
  2. git-svn clone -A authors.txt -T trunk file:///var/lib/svn/phpfspot/
  3. Clone git-repo elsewhere, then recloned back with --bare to /var/cache/git

Latest news

Nephthys: Nephthys 1.7
Focus on jQuery and jQuery UI for JavaScript jobs
Added by unki about 1 year ago

Nephthys: Nephthys 1.6
A new release is available
Added by unki about 2 years ago

Nephthys: update for proftpd.conf example
Disable recursive directory listing
Added by unki about 4 years ago

phpfspot: phpfspot 1.7 released
On this rainy Saturday morning, phpfspot 1.7 with its support for F-Spot's photo versioning has been released.
Added by unki almost 6 years ago

Nephthys: Nephthys 1.5
On this wunderful christmas day, Nephthys got released with its new 1.5 version.
Added by unki over 6 years ago

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Latest projects

  • greylistd CouchDB support (01/30/2011 09:04 AM)

    Add CouchDB support to greylistd to support storing triplets in database rather then a plaintext file.

    This allows quicker lookups and replication to other greylistd instances.

    Writing this patch was started by lefant.net and I continued his work....

  • iMelaG (10/31/2010 11:04 AM)

    iMelaG - the Apple iOS profile generator

    Generates .mobileconfigs (XML) on the fly and delivers it to a iOS powered device via HTTP or E-mail.

    Look into this projects Wiki to find out more about iMelaG.

    You can query this GIT repository from http://git.netshadow.at/iMelaG.git/...

  • Mail-Archivo (01/02/2010 09:41 AM)

    E-Mail Archiving

  • MachDB (01/11/2009 08:28 AM)

    MachDB is a project of Nathan Hubbard. Follow the link below to his homepage for more informations and stable releases. Here we are collecting some contributions and patches.

    You can query this GIT repository from http://git.netshadow.at/machdb.git/

  • exilog (12/03/2008 08:21 PM)

    exilog is a project of Tom Kistner. Follow the link below to his website for more information and stable releases. Here we are collecting some contributions and patches.

    You can query this GIT repository from http://git.netshadow.at/exilog.git/